URREA's manufacturing facilities in Guadalajara, México, with a talented engineering and production staff produce professional quality tools for export throughout the world.The company's 260,000 square foot facility easily keeps space with the increasing demand for URREA products.

Using the latest CAD-CAM computer design and manufacturing, technologies ensure the precision and quality of the finest tools available.

Each URREA tool is forged from special, made in the USA, microalloy steel and machined with state-of-the-art equipment, tested and inspected throughout the manufacturing process to meet or exceed all ANSI, US FEDERAL and SAE specifications.

The manufacturing facility has achieved the ISO-9001 certification. Product engineers and customer service representatives, are available to assist you in the application, use or demonstration of any tool in our line as well as new products. You never have to wait for a tool because URREA Professional Tools is available for off-the-shelf delivery from your local distributor.

Urrea Test And Innovation Center

The Urrea Test Center, a product development, improvement and innovation center, with special areas and equipment that allow end users to interact with the products, thereby strengthening the quality assurance and innovation to address market needs.


Showroom, which showcases the products under the store concept, novel display scheme that allows distributors that implement it to change their point, enhancing business image and space and increasing it sales.

Master Service Center for power tools

Being the prototype for authorized service centers and also the training center for technical personnel.

Locksmith Plant

Locksmith facilities with two thousand square meters, where products such as door knobs, door levers, handle sets, and hinges, are manufactured.

Wood treatment plant

Wood treatment plant to manufacture short and long handles.

Mechanic tools plant

Mechanic tools plant, where tools like sockets and Accessories, mechanical and impact wrenches, pliers, adjustable wrenches, hammers, chisels and punches, among others, are manufactured using the highest quality steel imported from the United States of American.

Plant extrusion and injection plastic

Plant extrusion and injection plastic where products as garden, air and gas hoses, and the new family of plastic tools boxes aremanufactured.

Construction tools plant

Construction tools plant, to manufacture wheelbarrows, shovels, forks, picks, tampers, rakes, post hole diggers, hoes, etc? as well as metal tool boxes and hand trucks.

Distribution Center

Distribution Center, the mostmodern and advanced in Latin America, using state of the art technology andlogistics systems.